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Green exhibition


Estimated quality materials, green environmental protection, high quality and durable.

disassemble and install

Easy to disassemble

Independent research and development, more convenient and effective to improve the speed of removal and installation

Exhibition activities

For exhibition

Can be used for a variety of commercial exhibitions: Auto Show, mobile phone display and other activities.

Accept different designs

Different design

We accept different design requirements, professional custom customer needs exhibition style.

Nanjing Konka exhibition products Co. Ltd. was founded in 1992, with "no I don't have, I have fine" for the enterprise policy, relying on the company's strong technical force for Jiangsu Kangni technology base, research and development of "Konka" brand series of products exhibition, and a number of patent applications. Founded in Nanjing new Konka exhibition products in 1992, the company continued to carry out new product improvement in the development process, and focus on product development, 20 years, the company has obtained 2 national patents, 30 utility patents. "Konka" lock by EU authorities safety certification (TUV), carrying 250 kilograms of similar products in the same industry is 2 times in the industry, is the reputation of famous quality products, are exported to Europe and the globe. With 6000 square meters of production base, with mold R & D and production workshop, has 10 production lines profiles, with 8 lock production line, ensure production Delivery time and quality and quantity. "Konka" lock there for three years, 150 times in 3 years, meet the 1 Monday show demand for single use cost only 3 RMB.